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>Environmentalism! 5 kinds of household garbage classification

1. In the case of sufficient room space, a sorting point can be set up in a special storage room. Choose reusable eco-friendly bags and plastic storage boxes for household classification. The ideal storage method can make your life appear more orderly.

2. Prepare a few more trash cans, and indicate the type of recycling of each container according to the classification of organic garbage and non-recyclable garbage. A simple operation will allow you to complete the preliminary garbage classification at home, and slowly Develop good garbage collection habits.

3. I don’t know, the plastic racks are also useful. Collect all the beverage cans or old newspapers here, and the tattered children waiting to be sold also have their own shelter space.

4. The sorted trash cans are housed in large bamboo baskets, and the movable shelves play a concealed role, making the garbage collection point practical and aesthetically compatible, and it can be better integrated into the entire home environment.

5. Generally, households will set up trash cans in the kitchen, because household garbage is most likely to be generated there, so we can take the opportunity to use part of the kitchen cabinet space to store waste newspapers in flat drawers, and in the basket with a larger depth Some plastic, metal, and glass bottles and cans are recycled, and a reasonable layout will not affect normal storage.

Post time: Jul-30-2021