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>How to choose wooden product watch box?

The product development of each enterprise has its own watch box, whether it is food or some daily necessities, it is inseparable from Chinese packaging. In this era of packaging that can be used everywhere in the corporate society, how to make your products more eye-catching under the packaging, let us have an in-depth understanding of the situation, analyze and study several common watch boxes.

When we request a quote, we often encounter several questions from printing houses. Including box type, size, design drawing, material, printing process and quantity. Usually these are related to the price of the watch box, so let’s learn from the watch box.

1. A normal watch box with top and bottom on the same side. It is more suitable for lighter weight products, and the pictures in this part are used for tea packaging.

2. The box below. The 4 tenons at the bottom adopt structural cross action to increase the load-bearing capacity. This is a high-cost box that is easy to disassemble.

3. Tongue box. In order to avoid the tight closure caused by the long opening of the carton, a single tongue or multiple tongues are added to the carton.

4. Watch box. The packaging box designed with a mesh structure can be hand-held by itself, or a rope can be added, and the plastic can be hand-held.

5. Window frame. Open a window in the watch box, add transparent pvc or pets, so that customers can have a more intuitive view of the product.

6. Heaven and earth box. Suitable for boutique gift boxes, with separate lid and bottom boxes. The cost is higher, and the texture can be better.

7. Matchbox. The inner and outer boxes of the watch box are opened and closed in a drawing manner. You can choose whether to seal, the price is slightly higher.

8. Bring a magnet clamshell box. Research magnets can be used to develop various industrial structures and unfold them into flat shapes to save freight management costs. However, most of this style is made by hand, and the price management level is relatively high. Suitable for hardcover packaging.

Post time: Mar-16-2023