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  • How To Maintain Faux Leather

    Faux leather is a less expensive, more durable synthetic alternative to real leather. It is used for furniture, clothing, car upholstery, handbags, belts and more. Faux leather can be found in various forms, such as polyurethane, vinyl or faux suede leather. Each of these methods can be cleaned i...
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  • Office Depot factory Audit

    As a professional and with long term cooperated relationship supplier ,we still have to accept factory Audit from Office Depot ,it is the company’s rule ,even you are a golden supplier ! as you know ,Office Depot is the world’s top 500 company ,a large company for retail chains !  They alwa...
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  • Environmental Protection Facilities

    A reliable source advised last week that the Chinese equivalent of the Amercian EPA will conduct a further next round of inspection in Nov ,Compared to last year ,there are far more beam houses operating this period . At a news conference ,Minister of Environmental Protection MR Tang said that th...
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