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Staff Training


1. Own Training Plan

We have a completely training file for all the employees , it shows everything  of our employees should know. What knowledge and skills should they have to successfully do their jobs?


2. Host Regular Training Sessions

We regularly hold training sessions for our employees. Frequent training can help maintain skills and knowledge. Regular sessions are also a great way to teach more advanced skills and notify employees of any changes.


3. Use Employees As Trainers

We use  highly-skilled employees as the  best trainers.

These person are the ones who complete their tasks on time and with precision. They might be managers. Or, in flat organizations, they might just be highly trusted employees.

We ask them to pass on their skills and knowledge to other employees. They can train new employees or teach continuous training courses. We will give them standard information to teach, or let them create training materials themselves.


4. Cross Train Workers

We also teach our employees to do other jobs within our company . Cross training might help employees better do their primary jobs. They might gain skills that they can apply to their tasks. And, they better know what to expect from co-workers in other positions.


5. Set Training Goals

We  determine if our training program is working. To do this, set goals and track whether or not they’re being met.