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>Environmental Protection Facilities

A reliable source advised last week that the Chinese equivalent of the Amercian EPA will conduct a further next round of inspection in Nov ,Compared to last year ,there are far more beam houses operating this period .

At a news conference ,Minister of Environmental Protection MR Tang said that the Ministry of Environmental Protection has completed two batches of inspection pilot ,the latest having ended July ,This year will be two inspection and the relevant work is being prepared .

With the increasing awareness of the environmental, our factory take more and more attention about the People’s health. Someone says ,Health will be the most important issue in the following few years ,so we take this one as our company’ production culture !

   leather products factory is a special area about this part , as during all different kinds of  finishing ,we must use glue and some other different kind of chemical articles  in the production ,so in the earlier of Nov ,we add one system of environmental equipment in the workshop ,in one hand ,it can help to exchange the air from outside to inside much more frequency  so that we can make sure everyone in the factory can breathe more and more fresh air in the production time . after this ,the system of environmental equipment had gone through the test of our government and Environmental Protection Department and got high reputation .

  at mean time ,we always have test about the raw material about the chemical articles ,(pu ,leather ,faux suede MDF ,glue and with some other ),secondly ,our workers must wear gloves and masks in their working time , so that we can produce much more and more healthy and high-grade quality leather products and sell to all over the world .and also hope everyone who get touch with our products will have a nice mood .

Post time: Dec-28-2020